You will find all sorts of cannabis consumers in Canada. For some, it is a pathway to bliss, for some, it is the best remedy, for some, it is an adventurous escape, and for some, it is a need. And if you are reading about new insane cannabis strains to try in 2021 before ordering your stash of CBD flowers online, most probably, you have already explored the magic of the fair share of cannabis strains.

But trust the cannabis breeders, they will not be going to disappoint you anytime soon, at least for the next few years. Every year thousands of cannabis strains are arriving in the market. The time of solely relying on OG Kush has far gone.

In 2021, fly high with these 7 insane cannabis strains

  1. Jack Herer

Number one on our list is Jack Herer. Those who are new to this game or even those who have been smoking cannabis for years and have not tried Jack Herer, must consider experiencing the intense effect of this Sativa dominant strain. This spicy pine-scented strain has won numerous awards for its quality and potency, and it is morning medicine for many users. This strain is a cross of Haze (Sativa) with Northern Lights #5 (Indica) and Shiva Skunk (Indica). Jack Herer users reported feeling happy, energetic, creative and uplifted, and helped with stress, anxiety, and depression.

2. Blue Widow

The next strain on our list is Blue Widow. This strain has already featured among many lists of most popular marijuana strains of 2020 yet many users have not experienced the magic of this slightly Indica dominant strain. This strain is a cross between Blueberry and White Widow. The strain is featured with a characteristic strong sweet aroma that will lure you to smoking. And if we talk about the taste, it is a great combination of sweet and sour. You will feel the sweet flavor of blueberry when you exhale. The buds of the strain are colorful with tints of blue and purple. Smoking this strain will give you some of the best relaxing moments. You will feel euphoric, and higher doses of this strain may lead to drowsiness that will eventually lead you to a good sound sleep.

3. White Queen

White Queen is deemed as a strain for connoisseurs. And when we talk about White Queen, the name ‘White Widow’ automatically gets associated with it. White Widow is one of the most both famous and infamous strains of weed ever created. You might have already experienced the intense experiences of White Widow. But this year, try less explored White Queen, which is the ultimate stress buster and more accomplished relative of white widow.

This potent strain will easily get you to fly high. Do not consider it as a strain that will get you things done. Feeling euphoric, happy and relaxed are the few key promises of this strain. And to make your experience intense, we offer you the ethically sourced White Queen flowers that come directly from our network of certified cannabis cultivators.

4. Aurora Indica

Having an image of a stoner in mind? Well, too much Indica with high THC levels are responsible. Aurora Indica which is a 90% Indica-dominant strain is capable of getting you stoned and putting you at super-ease. This strain is a hybrid of Afghan and Northern Lights. This potent strain is popular for treating insomnia, pain, anxiety and depression. Many cannabis aficionados use this strain to make hash as the short plants of this strain produce dense and bulky buds. Depending on the cultivation, the aroma of this strain varies from fruity to floral. This strain offers you the deep sleep that you might be lacking for a very long.

  1. Girl Scout Cookies

GSC aka Girl Scout Cookies is a cannabis strain named-after popular cookies by Girl Scouts, and the strain holds true to its name by offering you sweet and minty flavour. This strain has won numerous awards and has a very good reputation to treat severe pain, nausea, and appetite loss. If you are someone who is looking to order CBD flowers for medicinal purposes, this is the strain you should go with. If we talk about its breeding, it is a cross of popular OG Kush and pure Sativa originated Durban Poison which is capable enough to give you full-body relaxation.

  1. Meat Breath

Getting some feeling of dank breath just by reading the name? Well, meat breath is somewhat similar to its name in terms of smell and flavour, but this strain can hit you hard. This is an Indica dominant strain, high in THC, specially designed to kick hard. Meat breath is a cross of Meatloaf and Mendo Breath. This strain has very unique characteristics when visually compared to most strains due to its profound trichome visibility, featured with deep purple, bright green, orange hairs, that make the flower striking in both colour and contrast. This strain uplifts your mood, helps with chronic issues and brings deep relaxation to your body.

  1. Mamacita’s Cookies

If you have already explored the magic of GSC, well, try Mamacita’s Cookies. It is a premium quality strain that is currently hot in the market. This strain is a cross of two popular strains Girl Scout Cookies and Nicole. Featured with a complex aroma, this strain is strong both for the body and mind. Its unique characteristics make it one of the most popular cannabis strains of 2021. The high THC content of 25% is good enough to get you high and deal with the most intense pain. If you want to reveal the notes of underwood fruits and sandalwood of Mamacita’s Cookies, you can order the pure Mamacita’s Cookies listed at our site.

So these were 7 insane cannabis strains to try in 2021. But, we have a lot to offer you. Explore our collection at BuyWeedOnline to find crazy cannabis strains to smoke.